From key system management and preventative maintenance to electronic access control, CCTV, safes and vaults, the ARA Locksmiths team is equipped to design and install the most effective security solutions for your business.

At ARA Locksmiths, we take an integrative approach to securing your facility. Through risk assessments, we can identify weaknesses in your existing security infrastructure and provide effective and preventative security solutions that are specific to your unique requirements. Through our national network of technicians available 24/7, we pride ourselves on dedicated service that our clients can rely on when they need to most.

We are well-positioned to service clients across the whole of Australia. Our 24/7 Customer Service Centre is based in Sydney, and we have offices across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and the ACT. Since 2000, we have been delivering locksmithing services and security infrastructure to a diverse range of clients: from Government and Defence facilities, to the Education and Healthcare sectors, Banking and Finance, Retail and Hospitality and Telecommunications industries.

We belong to the ARA Group, which is an Australian, employee-owned company that provides an extensive range of services and products for facilities and infrastructure throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We welcome you to discuss your facility requirements with one of our expert team members today.