Control access for all doors in your building, or group of buildings, from a single PC with our electronic keyless locking solutions. We offer a wide range of software options and access control systems that are designed to work in a wireless environment for greater convenience and tighter access control. 

  • Electronic Key Software
  • Key Cards
  • Wireless Access Control Systems

We offer a range of state-of-the-art electronic access control systems that are flexible, scalable and provide administrators with the ability to track and control access to every lock in your organization.

Key Cards – SALTO

  • Leave lock re-programming or re-keying behind, with a wireless access control system that uses distributed intelligence in both lock and key to communicate with programming software
  • Control every door in your building, or group of buildings, from a single PC
  • Program key cards and locks to allow/restrict access to particular areas in your building
  • Each key card stores information on where and when each lock has been used, including date, time and whether access was allowed or denied
  • Choose the level of security control you need
  • Keep your original doors and locks
  • Designed to work in a wire-free environment

Wireless Real-Time Access Control System – SALTO WIRELESS

  • High level access control that allows you to make changes to the network in real-time
  • Stand-alone locks can read, receive and write information via an encrypted and secure data-on-card system which utilized RFID technology
  • Instantly provide or deny user access
  • Flexible system with the capacity to grow

Wireless Access Control Platform – SALTO SALLIS

  • Stand-alone online wireless devices that greatly reduce installation cost
  • Connect several devices to a single node
  • Use existing credential and avoid expensive migration

Electronic Key System – EKA Cyberlock

  • Easily convert your existing mechanical locks into an access control system that incorporates electronic lock cylinders, programmable keys and software that will allow you to track and control every lock within your organization
  • Keys are programmed with access permissions customized to individuals and schedules
  • Administrators have full control over access times and locations and have access to detailed history of who, what, when and where entry and attempted entry has occurred
  • Lost keys can be deactivated remotely to ensure security is not compromised
  • Easy installation and minimal ongoing maintenance

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We utilize a diverse range of secure storage and access control products from leading manufacturers.

By providing a wide range of high-quality key systems, electronic access control and secure storage options, we can offer a comprehensive approach to finding the right security solution for your facility and access control requirements.

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